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I spent 3-4 hours in Arcadia with a big chunk of that time heaving my bike over miles of man-sized granite boulders.  It was ridiculous.  As if the “small” rock gardens weren’t enough.   I’m fairly certain I got stuck on “hiking only” trails…but it was never obvious were those started, nor how to get around them.

Nearly waterless,  I was thankful to finally emerge from that section of the park.


First effort of packing bike.  Sleeping bag in compression sack on rear of seat, with small wedge seat bag to act as a separator so my hamstrings don’t bump it.  Tent poles across top.


Here frame bag is open to show contents.  Tent rolled and compressed against seat tube, cooking pot containing fuel, stove, and pot holder, socks, 2 pair shorts, and long sleeve cycling jersey (on ground to show other contents)



Top view of tent poles.  They are spaded out in rear to wrap around seat post, while together in the front to use the neck as a stop.