One comment on “The Plan – 7 Days to Buena Vista

  1. The plan, it turns out, was not too far off. I fell quite a way behind on the first day, but was making strides to catch up on day 2 when my chain broke. By Wednesday I had caught up and was in Breckenridge – but then I took an extra day of no riding. Friday I had an opportunity to skip some hard riding (by taking the Dillon->Copper bike path) but pushed on the CT instead. The 43 Miles planned for Friday (now Saturday) was too much. I suppose I *could* have done the final 10 miles from Leadville to the Mt. Massive trail-head, but it would neither be quick nor enjoyable and I was really, really spent. Saturday’s (now Sunday’s) 41 miles could have been accomplished easily – but I didn’t get started till 3pm. The 15 miles of HWY-24 would have sucked and I was happy to by-pass it.

    So I completed all the trail sections I had planned, and skipped out on 30 miles of road riding. All in all it was a success.


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